Pho Chandler

Pho Chandler
4055 S. Arizona Ave. #8
Chandler, AZ 85248
(480) 895-9090

My wife and I decided to try Pho Chandler because it is conveniently located to our home. While we have a favorite Vietnamese restaurant, it is always good to try others to expand your repertoire. After all, going to a new restaurant isn’t like cheating!

The restaurant is a nice clean place. Upon entering we were greeted and seated by a friendly hostess / waitress / bus person. We were having a late lunch, so they weren’t busy. The Olympics were playing on the LCD screen in the dining room. While not exactly traditional Vietnamese décor, it all worked in a very casual way.

There is no lunch menu, just one menu for lunch and dinner. This wasn’t really a problem as everything on the menu was less than $10. The appetizers ranged from $3.50 to $5. All in all Pho Chandler is an inexpensive, casual place.

Since Vietnamese is one of our favorite cuisines, we had high hopes when we ordered our standard dishes. While we are adventurous dinners, I find it is easier to judge a restaurant if I am comparing apples to apples. In a new Vietnamese restaurant, I usually order spring rolls and a simple rice or noodle dish. We went for the spring rolls and the Pho Xao Ga Tom Thai lan Lat Na. Translated that means Thai style stir-fried with chicken breast, shrimp and rice noodle.

The spring rolls were not very crispy. Almost as if the veggies had gone a little soft. The peanut sauce was flavorless. It actually didn’t even have a lot of peanut flavor. The main dish was a disaster. The stir fry consists of chicken and shrimp on Pad Thai type rice noodles. All of the ingredients were cooked a bit too long. The chicken and the shrimp were rubbery and the noodles were, well, over cooked. The shrimp also tasted like it was at the end of its shelf life.

The only saving grace of the meal was a competently prepared Thai Ice tea. All in all this was a strange dining experience for a Vietnamese restaurant as a number of the dishes seem to be Thai. If they are still in business in the winter time, I might go back to try some Pho or Bun Cha Ha Noi.


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