The Cypress Grill

The Cypress Grill

1065 W Queen Creek Rd
Chandler, AZ 85248

SWC of Queen Creek and Alma School

The food wasn’t very impressive. This corner eaterie  was a disappointment. I love all types of Mediterranean food. Its one of my favorite cuisines, but The Cypress Grill couldn’t even match the tastes of Pita Jungle. I shared the chicken souvlaki entree. The dish came with 2 average sized kabobs of cubed chicken breast. The meat was lean, but it was marinated too long in a salty liquid with dry, store bought herbs. The rice was mostly tasteless and the tzatziki sauce came right out of a jar. Surprisingly, the salad was the most disappointing. Greek salad is so easy to make with a lemon vinaigrette. I found the dressing too sweet to tolerate and the lettuce possessed a bitter quality not normally found in this type of lettuce mix. My son had the gyro platter. He said he liked the gyro meat and the rice but didn’t touch the salad or tzatziki sauce. I won’t be returning because you don’t need to be fancy or expensive to offer good food. If I want kabob, I’ll go to Pita Souvli up the street, Pita Jungle a few miles away or hike up to Haji Baba for authentic souvlaki. The entire experience was sad considering I can walk to the Cypress Grill.

Greekish food  earning two stars

Original Review: Sunday, June 24, 2012


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