Copper Kettle

Copper Kettle
1941 W Guadalupe
Mesa, Arizona 85202

Copper Kettle is an Indian – Pakistani restaurant. As far as I can tell, that means they are claiming to serve Indian food from the northern part of India. They are a buffet restaurant. I don’t usually like buffets because they sacrifice quality for quantity. When you walk in you are faced with a medium sized restaurant with a buffet in the back to the left. The various dishes are maintained at about room temperature or maybe a little higher.

I arrived for lunch and had some bland chicken tikka and some nondescript chicken tikka masala. There were other dishes that I can only identify as green, black or tan. They had various lumps in them and didn’t taste very good. I tried the several items from the Buffet and found they were mediocre to bad. The naan was the only high point of the meal. Served fresh and hot the naan was delicious. For desert they had northern rice pudding which is a finer grain than regular rice pudding. The Gulab jamun was excellent.

I really like Indian food. When I can’t identify what I’m eating, that’s just a sorry state of affairs. The few high lights weren’t enough to make up for the poor food. I give them 2 stars. That’s probably a bit generous.

Original Review: Thursday, October 15, 2009