Murphy’s Law

Murphy’s Law
58 S San Marcos Pl
Chandler, AZ 85225
(480) 812-1588

So, the family is sitting around trying to decide where to go for dinner. My daughter suggested Outback, but we’ve been there several times in the past few months. After some debate, we decided to try something new. My wife found Murphy’s Law on-line so we decided to try it. Having been to a few Irish pubs in Ireland and more than a few in New York and Boston, I admit that I had some expectations.

We arrived at the pub and found a hostess standing outside. She promptly entered the pub without a word and left us standing there. Strange, disorganized, but O.K., we go inside. The inside does look like a real Irish pub with a few differences. Obviously in Ireland the Guinness signs don’t say “Imported.” They usually don’t have pictures of dogs playing poker and the T.V. is usually turned to their football, not ours. That said, it was still a very nice interior and had a nice pub like ambiance.

Then we ordered food. Unfortunately here is where things went horribly wrong. Most Irish pubs have good food. Irish pubs in Ireland usually have traditional dishes such as bangers, blood pudding and mutton as well as a healthy selection of American food. That is healthy as in a large selection of juicy burgers, not healthy as in good for you, of course.

We had chicken salad sandwiches and shephard’s Pie. The large chicken salad sandwiches were served on a plate with a nice helping of fries. We ordered both sweet potato and regular fries. The chicken salad was rubbery and served on a warm plate. The sweet potato fries were cooked properly and had a bit of crisp too them. Even the steak fries were O.K.

The shephard’s pie was another story altogether. Served in a small metal bucket on a wooden plate it is unlike any other shephard’s pie that I have ever seen. I was expecting some meat and veggies topped with fresh mashed potatoes. Their pie advertised that it was also topped with a puff pastry. Interesting I thought, why not? I’ll tell you why not. The puffed pastry tasted like a chunk of Kevlar. It was tough, flexible and completely resilient to cutting with a spoon.

The texture of the mashed potatoes gave away it’s frozen past. The bland yellowish cheese on top didn’t do anything to help the flavor and the center was still cold. The food was inedible. The worst part of the experience was the waitresses’ response. She told me the manager pulled the shephard’s pie from the menu because it was the second complaint that night. She then went on to tell me they’ve had to pull the shephard’s pie on several other occasions because of quality control problems and the meat being over salted.

Their lack of concern for their patrons and the quality of food that they serve is alarming. I would rate them with one star and I won’t go back.