Joes Real BBQ

Joes Real BBQ
301 N Gilbert Rd
Gilbert, AZ 85234
(480) 503-3805

To review Joes, or to not to review Joes, that is the question. Is there anyone who hasn’t eaten at Joes in Gilbert? Possibly, it could be, so what the heck. They have great food! I’ll do a review. Joes has been around about 10 years. They are in a long brick building on the north east corner of Page and Gilbert with parking in the rear and side of the building.

When you enter Joes, you walk through the seating area to get in the cafeteria style line. First you take a tray, silverware and cup for a drink. Next you take your drink from the soda fountain or grab a bottle of premium root beer. As you wind your way past the menu and the cafeteria display you can see the bbq and the sides. My favorite is the sampler platter for $12. You get a chicken breast, pulled pork, beef brisket and two baby back ribs topped with two large pieces of Texas toast. You can also get an assortment of sandwiches of varying sizes. The sausages are excellent, well cooked and flavorful.

There are many sides and you could debate the merit of coleslaw versus potato salad endlessly. My favorite is the baked beans. These are by far the best baked beans I’ve ever eaten. The mac and cheese is outstanding, the corn is great but the beans are sublime. As a side they offer thick slices of cornbread. If you have a big appetite, I wouldn’t pass it up.

Being self serve, there is no service to consider. The food is great. It’s probably the best bbq around. I rate Joe’s as 5 stars. It’s one of the only bbq places I eat in around here.