Scott’s Generations

Scott’s Generations
5555 N. 7th street, Suite 108
Phoenix, AZ
(602) 277-5662

It’s pretty easy to find a good deli in New York City. Once you are outside of NY however, it’s pretty hard to find a good deli. People go years without eating a truly great pastrami sandwich. Sure, you can buy deli in the supermarket, but if you think that’s the same thing, you are seriously mistaken.

Scott’s generation’s is perhaps not the oddest name I’ve ever heard for a restaurant, but it’s up there. This humble restaurant in a nondescript strip mall houses a deli that produces true New York style deli sandwiches. If you ask for it, they can even make a chocolate egg cream.

The deli sandwiches are giant, over stuffed piles of lean or extra lean meat on fresh rye bread. You can get wheat, white, pumpernickel, Kaiser Rolls or club rolls if you prefer. I’m a bit of a traditionalist so I had mine on rye with a bit of spicy brown mustard. The sandwich was heaven. Lean delicious meat on the best fresh bread. The sandwiches come with pickles and coleslaw.

The menu includes all sorts of omelets, pancakes, smoked fish, lox and other sandwiches. By other sandwiches, I mean a selection large enough to fill up a multi page menu. Prices are reasonable with most items under $10 and everything including the dinners well under $20.

Scott’s Generation’s is a great deli. They rate five stars.