5061 E. Elliot Road
Phoenix, AZ 85044

Sakana has multiple locations. This review only applies to this location.

Upon entering Sakana you see what appears to be a fairly typical Japanese restaurant. They have teppanyaki tables , regular tables and a sushi bar. The restaurant is clean and nicely decorated. Service is slow friendly. There is a small waiting area where you can sit if there is a long wait for a table. This can come in handy on some nights.

The teppanyaki is available in the usual varieties. Shrimp, chicken, beef etc… My favorite is the steak. While the ingredients and the presentation are common to many other restaurants, the quality of the ingredients and the seasoning is a bit better.  The steak is a bit leaner while being more tender. The seasoning is also more flavorful. I like Sakana’s teppanyaki more than most of the others that I’ve had.

Sakana’s sushi is also pretty good. The lunch specials are a good deal. You can get a cutlet plate for less than $10. The food is hot and reasonable.

I rate Sakana 3 stars. They are about average for Japanese food in Arizona.